ICE MARATHON Clean Water Preservation Run

Rules & terms


      "For Preservation of Clean Water"

“For our world, consumed by egoistic aspiration, it is necessary to review and overcome all divides and antagonistic barriers on our way… To achieve optimistic scenario, of primary importance is the education of younger generation from “child’s pot”. Children should grow with understanding of the holiness of water, value of each water droplet that carries an element of life, contains the mind and memory of entire world...” - Professor Victor Dukhovny, World Water Council Board Member               


 XVIII Baikal Ice Marathon Statutes & Rules

1. Baikal Ice Marathon is aimed at:

- Ecologically sustainable development of Baikal-Mongolia Asia,

- Promotion of responsibly organized outdoor recreation and healthy mode of life in Lake Baikal area;

2. Organizer     

XVIII edition of Baikal Ice Marathon foot race (hereinafter referred to as “BIM”) is organized by "Absolute Siberia” Ltd. under coordination with Irkutsk Regional Emergency & Rescue services, within framework of Winteriada Baikal Winter Games Festival Race Director: Mr. Alexei Nikiforov.

3. Date, time, course, place of holding of BIM

The BIM, the marathon run between two opposite shores of Lake Baikal, will take place on  February 27,  2022 on Lake Baikal. Depending on ice conditions and those of the run course, the starting line of the Baikal Ice Marathon will be located either on the western shore of Lake Baikal, near Listvyanka,  or  near the station of Tankhoy, on  the eastern shore of Baikal. Final location of the starting point and time of BIM start shall be indicated a day before the commencement of BIM.

4. Distances of BIM

- Full marathon – 42 km 195 m;

- Half marathon – 21 km;

5. Admittance and Participation

5.1. Admitted to participate in and run the course of the BIM are those physically fit being 18 years or older, who paid the  BIM package fee and who possess:

5.1.1. Former experience of running full marathon distance within 4 hours 05 minutes time limit and half marathon distance – within 2 hours 10 minutes limit (such running results must date back not earlier than 3 years preceding the BIM). 

5.1.2. Applicants whose previous long distance running results are more than indicated above, or runners who took part in no less than 10 km distance running, can take part in the XVII BIM footrace only if purchasing 6-days or 7-days BIM acclimatization & training course preceding the XVII BIM (see here).  

6.2. Registration procedure & Payment

6.2.1. In order to be registered as the BIM runner one has to apply for participation filling in pre-registration form, indicating one’s long distance running experience and providing direct web-links to the footraces with protocols that can clearly show both name of a runner and his/her running result (official protocols that can testify such a former running experience). The last foot race a runner took part prior the BIM should not be earlier than 3 years before the XVII  BIM commencement. The application form has to be fully completed; incomplete or inexact filling in the form can result in failure to be finally admitted to and run in the BIM. The BIM Organizing Committee will not accept or consider any applications  not containing/indicating  direct, easy to find web-links to the footraces protocols that can clearly show both name of the runner and his/her running result. The applications containing only the name of the event or only its general web site will not be accepted or replied. If an applicant provides false information as regards previous running experience in the application form, and once such information becomes clear to the Organizing Committee, such an applicant will  not be admitted to the BIM.

Filled in on-line application has to be sent to the two e-mail of BIM Organizer:,

6.2.2. The  applicant for the BIM allows the Organizer to process  his/her personal data for the purposes of assessment of the applicants’ running performance and registry in the BIM. 

6.2.3. After considering the application form sent by a runner, the Organizer (“Absolute Siberia Ltd.) will reply the runner with notification that he/she either succeeded in pre-registration or failed to go through the pre-registration. In case of refusal to pre-register the applicant as a potential runner in the BIM, the Organizing Committee reserves the right not to accept any complaints from such an applicant and stop any further correspondence with this applicant.   

6.2.4. If a runner’s BIM application was accepted and this runner was pre-registered for the BIM race, the runner will be notified thereof, and informed when he/she will receive the invoice for the issue of payment for the BIM runner package of the runner’s choice. Upon receipt of the BIM invoice, payment as per the invoice shall be made by the pre-registered runner within 10 days after receipt of the invoice. In case, the above payment is not made by the runner during the indicated time period, the Organizer will without any prior notification cancel pre-registration of such a runner and pass the previously reserved space of this runner to another applicant who had applied later than the registration deadline, but may qualify for the BIM (same terms and payment conditions will apply).  The Organizer may also notify the runner who successfully passed through pre-registration that he/she can be invoiced by an authorized agent of the BIM for the participation in the BIM. The runners should not issue any payment to any of possible agents before the receipt of the confirmation from the Organizer that the BIM Organizer authorizes such an agent.

6.2.5. The issue of payment as per clause 6.2.4. for the BIM runner package by the pre-registered runner is regarded both as this runner’s registration at the BIM foot race and the runner’s full agreement with the present statutes and terms of the BIM.

6.3. The number of the runners in the XVIII edition of BIM is limited. Depending upon availability of running space of the BIM, and once the limit of running space is reached the Organizer reserves the right to stop registration any time before the above indicated deadline.  

6.4. Each registered runner must provide the BIM Organizer a health certificate stating that according to the results of medical check-ups and examinations he/she is currently healthy, fit for competitive sports, in general, and long distance running (over 21 km or 42 km as per registry), in particular, has no any  contra-indications to running in competition.

7. BIM foot race rules

7.1. Control/cut off time for the full marathon distance is six  hours, half marathon distance – four hours.

7.2. The full marathon and half marathon runners who fail to cross the 21 km mark point of the BIM course in  4   hours after the start are disqualified,  and have to get off the BIM ice course , get on hovercraft,  snow mobile or any other BIM support vehicle admitted to serve the BIM course for further transportation to the corresponding shore.

 7.3. At any times when a judge or physician of the Baikal Ice Marathon or  BIM emergency and rescue or , support  team members state a runner is evidently unable to continue foot race or meet the BIM course deadline/cut off  time terms, such a runner must on request immediately stop running, remove the start number and move to the available vehicle for a further transfer to the finish line.

7.4. Once the BIM starting line is on the western shore (in Listvyanka), runners in the BIM, after completing their distance, and reaching the finish line at the eastern shore, should   upon first request of the judge/ any of the BIM organizing committee, and within 10 minutes after such a notice take seat in the indicated vehicle for a transfer back to the start line/ opposite shore of Baikal. Those who do not follow such a request will immediately be disqualified, and then take their transfer to the start line/opposite shore of Baikal in the last turn (after the last BIM runner finishes the BIM).

7.5. Individual start number/ bib of a runner in the BIM should be placed and well fixed on the runner’s chest. If a runner, at the start or during the BIM, fails to have the start number or it is not properly fixed on the chest disabling the marathon judges or anyone from the support team to clearly see the start number on the runner’s chest, the judge will have the right not to register the result of such a runner that will eventually lead to the runner’s disqualification.  

7.6. It is prohibited at the BIM start and  finish line or during the run in BIM to carry and  use any neo-fascistic, nationalistic  symbols; flags and banners or mantles of black color with any content in any language are also prohibited.

7.7. During BIM run presence of any unauthorized by the Organizer  vehicles at the BIM ice course is prohibited. If any supporters of a BIM runner are spotted at the BIM riding such unauthorized vehicles, the Organizer reserves the right to disqualify that runner or runners  once it becomes evident these unauthorized vehicles support that runner.

7.8. All media members, journalists or cameramen alike willing to give coverage, provide footage of the BIM have to be accredited by the Organizer. All media members must apply separately for accreditation details and to receive their individual credentials from Organizer, at least, two months prior the BIM commencement.

7.9. Runners showing visible signs of alcohol intoxication, drug or dope use, whose behavior is beyond the bounds of decency/common sense law  (euphoria, poor coordination, memory loss, slurred speech, confusion, impaired balance, loss of muscle coordination, evident rudeness/aggressiveness), who refuse or fail to follow orders/requests of the Organizers before, at the start or after the start  shall immediately be disqualified. No any complaints shall be accepted or refunds made, in such cases.

7.10. Anyone ejected from the BIM or disqualified due to the reasons indicated in clauses 7.3., 7.4, 7.6, 7.7 will be automatically excluded or suspended from any of the next editions of BIM (depending upon the severity of the connected action, its circumstances).

7.11. A runner who withdraw himself from or falls out of the BIM footrace because of any reason must take off his/her bib, and at earliest convenience then report to the judge at the finish line. 

7.12. In order to provide outmost safety of all runners, avoid possible results drawing mistakes, a BIM runner admitted to the BIM footrace is not allowed to change the BIM distance he/she  previously applied for and was registered.

7.13. Final admittance to the ice course of the BIM shall take place on the starting day of the BIM and in accordance with the BIM Pre-start standing order (see Cl. 14).

7.14. Rules of personal and general safety

7.14.1 The Organizer strongly recommends that all runners during the BIM take seriously into account one-of-a-kind microclimate of Lake Baikal area, its altitude, weather-climatic volatility, difference in time zones and insufficient period of acclimatization, various effects that the energy grid of the world’s most ancient Lake may have on an individual human. Be careful, be attentive to yourself, sensate the Great Baikal while enjoying your run in a relaxed, moderate manner.

7.14.2. Each BIM participant running 42 km distance must carry a cell phone to be able in case of emergency immediately to inform the BIM support team thereof (on-ice course support tel. number to dial will  be advised  a week prior the BIM start; each BIM runner must have this number then  set handy at one’s personal cell phone for easy dial).

7.14.3. During the BIM in case of personal sudden physical or moral ailments as feeling sick or sudden discomfort, distress or headache, forearm aches or heart pain, appearance of  sudden depression or inexplicable fear, a BIM runner must stop running, and notify the BIM support team thereof. If for any reason, there is no possibility to reach the BIM support by phone, the runner then should use the nearest red flag on the run course for filing a visual signal of an emergency, lifting the flag up and waving it then from side to side.

7.14.4. In case if a BIM runner notices another runner with a raised red flag, he/she should immediately notify the BIM support thereof, stating approximate ice course kilometer mark as the emergency spot, and then, provide first possible aid  to the runner in emergency situation before actual qualified medical assistance arrives and is rendered.

8. BIM Financing, Participation Cost, Cancellation

8.1. The funds made available by the Organizer to hold the BIM cover organizational  costs of the BIM such as pre-start work arrangements and expenses, salaries, application processing & operational costs, expenditures for laying, monitoring, keeping  and marking the BIM  course on the ice and its checking, transportation of participants to the BIM starting line, support and safety team costs, judges work , use of hovercrafts, or any other vehicles used for safe transfer and BIM arrangements on during the BIM on the ice, feed stations operation, start numbers and award fund - cups, medals, certificates, first aid medical service and casualty insurance; accommodation and meals as a part of  BIM basic runner packages.

8.2. The cost of participation at the BIM for the Russian runners (citizens of Russian Federation) can be lower than the cost applied to the foreign runners thanks to the extra funds the Organizer raises from sponsorship sources and/or its own funds available to support the Russian runners, minimize their registration, and start fee.

8.3. The cost of participation/running in the XVII edition of BIM is fixed in the amount of the BIM basic runner package cost, and is  EURO 685  per any BIM runner. This cost includes one BIM registration and start fee, 2 nights’ hotel accommodation on twin room sharing basis with 2 breakfasts,  a  set-up/pasta-dinner on February 26,2022 and one Award Ceremony Gala Dinner on Februaru 27, 2022; group transfers from Irkutsk airport to hotel on Lake Baikal on February 26, 2021, group transfers on departure from hotel on Lake Baikal to Irkutsk airport on February 28,2022, transfer to the BIM starting line on the day of its commencement, BIM commemorative souvenirs and finisher award medal. Single room supplement - EURO 110 per person. One runner accompanying person package cost - 370 euro (incl. two nights hotel accommodation sharing room with accompanied runner, group transfers on arrival/departure as above, one set-up/pasta  dinner on February 26,2022, and one Award Ceremony Gala Dinner on February 27,2022).

NOTE: A BIM registered runner who travels  with accompanying person and purchased BIM runner accompanying package will stay both nights at same hotel in Listvyanka. Runners coming without accompanying person first night as per BIM runner package will stay in Baikalsk (eastern shore of Lake Baikal, near the start line of the XVIII edition of BIM) and second night (after completion of BIM) witll stay in Listvyanka.

8.4. Other BIM runner and accompanying person packages are: 

8.4.1. Euro 875 per runner for the  BIM 4 days/3 nights package. The above cost includes:  one BIM registration and start fee; group  transfers on arrival and departure as per the package and BIM schedule, on night  hotel accommodaitonin and one sighseeing tour with lunch in Irkutsk, 2 nights hotel accommodation on Lake Baikal with breakfasts, transfer to the BIM starting line on the day of its commencement, BIM commemorative  souvenir and finisher award medal,  set up pasta-dinner   and BIM Award Ceremony Gala Dinner; services of local guide and group tour  as indicated in the package. Single room supplement: euro 172  per person.

BIM runner accompanying person package cost - euro 505  p/p (the cost including 3 nights hotel accommodation with breakfasts, sharing room with accompanied runner, group transfers as above, two set up lunches and one BIM Award Ceremony Dinner, group services of local guide, tours as in dicated in the package, a BIM commemorative souvenir).

A more detailed program and another package option is here

8.4.2. Euro 925 per runner for the  BIM 5 days/4 nights package. The above cost includes:  one BIM registration and start fee, transfers on arrival in/departure from Irkutsk, and transfer to the start of the BIM and hotel near the start, 2 nights  accommodation at hotel in Irkutsk, 2 nights accommodation at hotel on Lake Baikal; two set up lunches  and two set up dinners and one  BIM Award Gala Dinner;  Siberian husky sled dog ride, services of local guide and group tours as indicated in the package, BIM commemorative souvenir and finisher awards medals. Single room supplement: euro 250 per person. 

BIM Runner accompanying person package – euro 580 per person (including four nights hotel accommodation sharing room with accompanied runner, transfers together with accompanied runner as above, hotel accommodation with the runner as above, two set up lunches, two set-up dinners and one BIM Award Ceremony Gala Dinner).

A more detailed program is here  

8.4.3. EURO 1485 per each runner accepted for the BIM training course (special 6-nights/7 days  “BIM Training to Run on Ice” package. The cost of this special BIM package is same for foreign and Russian nationals, on all-inclusive and twin room sharing with another runner ( accompanying person/non-runner sharing room with runner- euro 950 ).

Single room supplement - euro 397  (see detailed program here).

8.5. The BIM organizer welcomes companies to sponsor a runner in the 18th edition of Baikal Ice Marathon. A BIM runner sponsor company logo will be placed on the web-resources of the BIM Organizer, any BIM newsletters and protocols. Companies that supported their BIM runner in previous BIM  are:


9. Preliminary/brief schedule of the BIM and BIM runner basic packages

9.1. BIM basic 3 days/2-nights runner package) schedule:

- February 26, 2022 – between 06:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. all runners gather at the Irkutsk airport for a transfer to the hotels located near the BIM fixed start/finish place. Upon arrival – check in  at the hotels followed by pre-start briefing and start numbers distribution. 19:30 – pasta dinner. Overnight.

- February 27, 2022 – after breakfast pre-start zone gathering of runners for transfer to the BIM stating line. Start of the BIM accordingly. Before 18:30 – end of the BIM culminating with award ceremony and reception dinner.

- February 28, 2022 – group transfers of the runners back to Irkutsk.  

NOTE: A BIM registerd runner who travels  with accompanying person and purchased BIM runner accompanying package will stay both nights with the accompanying person at same hotel in Listvyanka. Runners coming without accompanying person first night as per BIM runner package will stay in Baikalsk ( eastern shore of Lake Baikal, near the start line of the XV edition of BIM) and second night ( after completion of BIM) witll stay in Listvyanka ( opposite, western shore of Lake Baikal).

9.2. BIM 4 days/3 nights runner package schedule

- February 25, 2022 - Upon arrival in Irkutsk, transfer to Courtyard by Marriott Irkutsk City Hotel located in the heart of Irkutsk. Check in. Sightseeing tour of Irkutsk with lunch in the historical 130th Quarter ( Irkutsk Sloboda).Upon return back to the hotel enjoy free time.

- February 26, 2022 - after breakfast transfer to the hotel near the start of the 16th edition of Baikal Ice Marathon with lunch en route. Upon arrival – check in at the hotel. Dinner.

- February 27, 2022 - After breakfast pre-start zone gathering of runners transfer to the BIM stating line. Start of the BIM accordingly. Before 18:30 – end of the BIM culminating with award ceremony and reception dinner.

- February 28, 2021 – transfer to the airport for your return flight.

NOTE: A BIM registered runner who travels  with accompanying person and purchased BIM runner accompanying package will stay one  night upon arrival in Irkutsk , and other two nights  at same hotel in Listvyanka. Runners coming without accompanying person stay one night in Irkutsk, second night - in Baikalsk (eastern shore of Lake Baikal, near the start line of the XV edition of BIM) and third night ( after completion of BIM) witll stay in Listvyanka.

9.3. BIM 5 days/4 nights package

February 24, 2022

Upon arrival in Irkutsk, transfer to  Hotel located in the center of Irkutsk. Check in followed by sightseeing tour of Irkutsk that includes visits to the city's most atmospheric site, and with lunch in the historical 130th Quarter (Irkutsk Sloboda).

- February 25, 2022 –  After breakfast and check out from the hotel, transfer to Listvyanka. Upon arrival - tour unique and very interesting Baikal Museum, which besides a large exhibition of species of flora and fauna has an aquarium with live Baikal freshwater seals (the world’s only freshwater seals and the lake’s only mammals). Check in at the hotel. After lunch  -  enjoy ride with Siberian husky sled dogs amidst taiga-woods of Baikal national park premises. 

- February 26, 2022 - untill the evening enjoy your time for your own activities and for running sessions on the ice of Baikal. In the evening – 18-th  edition of BIM pre-start briefing at the hotel’s conference room. Pre-start registration. Distribution of start bibs/ numbers. Pasta- dinner. 

-February 27, 2022 

After breakfast pre-start zone gathering of runners transfer to the BIM stating line. Before the start of BIM runners must follow the BIM Pre-start Standing Order (to be released a week or two days before the  BIM commencement). Start of the BIM accordingly. Before 18:30 – end of the BIM culminating with award ceremony and reception dinner.

- February 28, 2022 

After breakfast – transfer to the airport for your return flight.

9.4. BIM special Training to Run on Ice 7 days/ 6 nights runner package schedule in brief

February 22, 2022 – meet at the airport for transfer to downtown hotel in Irkutsk City Center hotel.

Sightseeing tour of Irkutsk with lunch in the historical 130th Quarter (Irkutsk Sloboda).In the evening – 18th edition of BIM lecture and briefing at the hotel’s conference room. Meet BIM organizer and your trainer for a briefing about your upcoming stay at the foothils of Sable Mountain.During the briefing you will also receive  BIM  special & exclusive products -BIM winter  sports reversible vests , and a detailed program.

- February 23, 2022- – after breakfast transfer to the hotel near the start or finish  of the 18th edition of Baikal Ice Marathon with lunch en route. Upon arrival – checking in at the hotel  followed by a briefing lecture on the training course schedule and features. 1st running session top Lake Baikal. After dinner – a lecture on Lake Baikal eco-system peculiarities.. 

- February 24 -26, 2022 – Full three days of training course program under expert guiding of experienced marathon runner. Preparation for the admittance to the start in the BIM and training these days will include series of short and longer runs in the taiga-woods and on the ice of Lake Baikal  combined with acclimatization sessions to achieve good balance of  myogenic tonus – skiing and touring the Baikal Biosphere Nature Preserve, warming up at Siberian  Steam bath.. Every evening – presentations and lectures. On February, 26, after lunch - transfer by hovercraft across Lake Baikal to Listvyanka along the ice course of the XVIII Baikal Ice marathon. 

- February 27, 2022 – after breakfast pre-start zone gathering of runners transfer to the BIM stating line. Start of the BIM accordingly. Before 15:30 – end of the BIM culminating with award ceremony and reception dinner.

- February 28, 2022 – transfer of the runners back to Irkutsk (on request your stay can be prolonged or an optional tours arranged ( a more detailed program of the BIM Training on Ice course is found here)

9.5. In case if a registered runner cancels his/her participation in the BIM later than  January 05, 2022 , or fails to timely arrive to the start because of own fault or any reason not dependent on the Organizer , the amount paid by such a runner to the Organizer is not refundable.. However, if the BIM runner fails to  take part in the BIM in case where a government body has imposed travel restrictions, quarantines, or trade embargoes, or has closed buildings or borders due to pandemic circumstances,  the registration fee paid by  such BIM runner for his/her BIM package will be subject to refund in the amount of  55  to 60 %  of the total cost paid.

10. Drink and feed stations. The BIM Course, weather and running gear recommendations

10.1. Drink and feed points en route the BIM course shall be located at 7, 15, 21,28,35,39 km mark points. The feed & drink ration includes tea, non-gas water, nuts, dried fruits, chocolates, cheese. The feed stations/point logistics and intervals though can slightly be changed depending on the BIM course conditions the night before the Baikal Ice Marathon commencing.  If such a change occurs, the participants of the BIM shall be informed thereof at the pre-start registration/briefing or even at the starting line.

10.2. Near the eastern shore,  the BIM course can be covered with fresh layer of snow (from 15 to 25 cm thick and up to 500 m long); in some places that are closer to the western shore there can be sections of open/naturally polished ice surface from 35 m to 400 m long; in other places there can be fields of so-called “kolobovnik” – sections of the «pancake” or “plated” ice with granular tops of blurred color , frozen in the surface, which represent significant difficulty to run or even walk smoothly and require carefulness in fast moving on them.

Lake Baikal has about 20 general and locally formed winds, and weather here is notoriously difficult to predict. The wind can be very changeable: blow in the race direction as well as into the runners’ backs or at a low height (south-eastern wind). Under the low air pressure, local Siberian “khius”-wind can blow, which being though not very strong, is very biting and piercing. Considering the wind chill, sharp gusts of the “khius”-wind even with – 10-Celsius can at sometimes freeze one’s face during the run or penetrate to one’s body through any of tiny openings or holes in sports wear cloths. During the last three editions of BIM, after 13:00 / 30-km course mark  the Angara wind– severe transverse wind woould start blowing , that can significantly  cool down the body of already tired athlete streaming with perspiration. It is very important to make sure that you can stay warm, dry and wind proven in just about any conditions. “Pack up” your body the most appropriate way for the run but in safe, cold wind protecting manner. Make sure your entire body is well protected

The average air temperature range in the 1-st decade of March in the area of Baikal Ice Marathon course: from – 14 below zero to – 27 below (eastern shore) Centigrade near the starting line and at time of starting, from – 7 down to – 14 in the middle of the Baikal Ice course, from – 12 up to + 1 Centigrade closer to the western shore after 02 p.m.  Chill factor of the local winds can,certainly, male you feel the temperatures as significantly lower.

In February and March,  on Lake Baikal, there are weather conditions with so-called ”pozemka” wind blowing, i.e. severe ground blizzard, when loose snow ( that is already on the ice) is lifted by and intensively blown across the ice by the wind. When this happens, low drifting snow  covers  any tracks or prepared courses, produces blizzard snow dunes that make it hard to move , impossible to drive. On the video below, the effect of Baikal ground blizzard in the area of the BIM is shown. Though visibilty is real good and one can clearly see mountains on the opposite shores of the lake, but in about half an hour, after such a  ground blizzard blowing,  the tracks on the ice will be hidden under  deep  loose snow  which upper surface  within  next 3-4 hours is to turn into firm  snow crust cover.         

Snow removal and ploughing by lightweight bobcat vehicles is practiced by the BIM organizers on a day  preceding the BIM, but only if the ice pressure ridges conditions, ice stability  and its thickness allow. However, often the efforts of the snow removal team are redundant due to the winds,blizzard and low drifting snow.  On the day of the BIM, to avoid any extra pressure on the ice and provide runner’s safety, no any snow removal is carried on by any vehicles. Therefore, a BIM runner must be ready  to run on  polished ( as skating rink) ice surface, or  on  pancake, rubble or  cobblestone Ice, ice surface with slush balls hidden under layer of snow, at weather with severe blizzard accompanied by ground wind,  facing the strong Angara wind or piercing “khius” wind , and , sometimes,  with plenty of dazzling sunshine. Weather and ice surface  conditions during BIM can combine all the above features. 

10.3. Exposed skin will freeze quickly in below zero temperatures.. Runners are strongly recommended:

- in order to  protect the  exposed face areas from frostbite with strong wind blowing right into your face and high chill factor ( that happens regularly during the BIM footrace) use Kinesio tape or regular athletic tape putting  strips of it on your cheek bones and down your nose  (duct tape will work too but can be painful to pull off);

- have a fog free/anti-fog balaclava on,

- Goggles Anti-fog Windproof Eyewear, wind proof light jacket, 2 layers of thin wool underwear,

- Lined gloves, or double pair with under poly pro, down mittens, Outer Goretex mittens (goretex and polypropylene cloths are an aid to keeping your body warm and dry.

The wicking action of polypropylene is excellent. Goretex being a breathing fabric is the ideal outer layer, and may help keep you more comfortable than nylon which does not breathe and may contribute to excess perspiration).

- Wear wicking, dry socks.

- Running Shoes. For those experienced long distance trail runners who usually  run fast, and want at the BIM to race performing  best  time   we recommend long distance running shoes with  icebugs,  or any other solid alloy crampons twisted in soles in order to provide for maximum cohesion, better stability and safety while running on ice ( if it's over 8 cm thick). All those runners willing run in well moderate, stable pace within cut-off time,  we will recommend good   trail running shoes with deep protectors  and  wide holdout toe. 

10.4. BIM runners not following the above recommendations and who at the start line of BIM will not have any suitable protection of their face and hands will be disqualified, and not admitted to run the BIM race. No any refunds shall be then paid.

10.5. Do not get frightened during the run on ice course once huge rumble can sound from ahead and  the ice can shake  under foot. This is a usual and not dangerous  phenomenon of the internal ice cracks formation, and it will not cause any wide ice opening.  Such huge rumbles & thundering like distant cannon fire, called by locals  "Baikal  symphony" , can occur near  ice pressure cracks as well as the ice shaking and rumbling can also be caused by the Earth tremors which in the seismic area of lake Baikal are very  usual (annually, seismologists register about 2000 earth tremors and rumblings of the Earth crust here). The BIM course staff before the BIM run and during it  monitor the ice conditions, and when required work on providing smooth and safe passage across possible ice cracks. 

11. Awards

Winners of the BIM (full marathon and half-marathon distances both in male and female groups will be awarded with Baikal Ice Marathon-2020 Winner Cups and medals. 2-nd and 3-rd place winners shall be awarded with Baikal Ice Prize Cups and medals. Each finisher will receive BIM medal, T-shirt and a certificate of the BIM achievement.

Some other testimonial awards such as the Cup of Baikal Ice Appreciation, Baikal Ice Partner Cup and commemorative medals of Baikal Ice Marathon-2020 for the notable performance during the foot race may be introduce and  be awarded to runners chosen by the   Organizing Committee members or possible Sponsors.

All the BIM runners who finish their marathon distance within the control time shall be awarded with commemorative medals of the Baikal Ice Marathon and certificates.

12. Conservation of Clean Waters

Baikal Ice Marathon is held on the frozen waters of southern Lake  Baikal – the world’s deepest, largest in volume (22 % of the world’s surface water) and oldest – over 20 million years - freshwater lake that supports unique animal and plant life (¾ are endemic species) . Well of the Planet Earth, Sacred Sea, Siberia’s Pearl or Treasure of the World are few of the names that respectfully and with reverence refer to Lake Baikal. And in first turn, the Baikal is a live body of Great Water - the beginning and the continual of life on Earth.

Throughout entire run in the Baikal Ice Marathon or stay on the shore of the sacred Baikal we urge not to throw away on to the surface any piece of rubbish and anything at all, keeping in mind both cleanness of water and landscape’s natural beauty.

One can leave the rubbish, used cans, cups etc. at any  of the feed stations on the Baikal Ice course, give it away to any one from the Baikal Ice Marathon support or rescue team,  or carry with you until you encounter any of the latter. Disqualification can be applied as  punishment for those who violate the above request.

13. Safety & casualty insurance

Safety of the runners during the Baikal Ice Marathon will be ensured by the Baikal Regional Rescue and Emergency Service staff , use of the hovercrafts, availability of doctors and 1st aid medical service. Each of the runners will also be provided with personal medical casualty insurance valid from start and until the finish of the Baikal Ice Marathon.

13. Pre-start standing order of the BIM

13.1. The pre-start zone of the BIM is at accommodation facilities  where runners will stay on  February 27, 2022.

13.2. BIM start line is to be fixed  one day before the BIM commencement.

13.3. Pre-start registration and briefing, distribution of BIM start numbers shall take place at the hotels the runners will stay on February 26, 2022  from 17:00 to 19:00.  

13.4. During the pre-start registration together with the start numbers/bibs each BIM runner will receive a plastic bag having an attached tag with a number that corresponds to the runners’ start number/bib and his/her distance in the BIM. This plastic bag with a number tag attached is to be used by a runner before the race begins on February 27, 2022, to put in the change cloths that a runner may require after finishing the distance of the BIM race on  February 27,2022. The overall weight of the cloths should not exceed 3 kilos. We urge you to refrain from putting any other items, belongings, valuables other than change cloths. The BIM Organizer shall not bear any responsibility for any loss of your other belongings put into the change cloth plastic bag   by the runner in violation of the present clause term.

13.5. Runners should be at the pre-start zone (hotel lobbies) at 08:10 a.m. on February 27, 2022.

13.6. Before boarding the transport vehicles for a transfer to the starting line runners should put their start numbers on, have them well fixed  and clearly visible on their chest; and be prepared for getting on their vehicles assigned to them for a transfer to the starting line. 

13.7. Boarding the transport vehicles to the starting line is to begin at 08:30 a.m. (if not advised other during the pre-start briefing). Each runner is to board the vehicle he/she  will be assigned to in accordance with the boarding name list. When required  by the the Organizers, the BIM runners will be notified of the details of their transport assignment list during the BIM pre-start  briefing. The BIM runners will have then to strictly follow the details of this transport boarding list. Accurate and correct vehicle boarding by the runners at the pre-start zone is regarded to be an integral part of the final admittance to the start of the BIM.      

13.8. Runners who fail to arrive to the per-start zone and board the above mentioned assigned vehicles in time shall be removed from the BIM race and disqualified, and no complains or refunds shall be accepted or done by the Organizer.  

13.09. Upon arrival at the start line and before getting off their transfer vehicles runners are requested to take their plastic bags with personal change cloths and put them into the transport amphibious vehicle/hovercrafts as below:

-  full BIM  runners – hovercraft vehicle  #1,

-  half BIM  runners – hovercraft vehicle #3,

13.10. After arrival to the start line all runners will be invited to get off the transfer vehicles, and walk to the start line. Near the start line, runners shall be kindly then requested to show their reverence for Baikal: using a ring finger sprinkle the milk from the cups in to 4 sides of the Earth and drink the remaining content; or alternatively after the sprinkling just put the milk to the lips and then gently emptying the rest out on to the ice. A couple of minutes after this reverence for Baikal ancient ritual the sound from the handy loud speaker will mark the start of the XV  edition of Baikal Ice Marathon “For preservation of clean water”.

13.11. The Pre-start Standing Order of BIM can be changed by the Organizer. The BIM runners in this case will be timely informed thereof.

13.12. Runners must follow the BIM official announcer/ referees’ instructions at the pre-start zone and at the start line. Runners whose conduct at the pre-start zone or at the start line disturbs the time schedule and general order will be removed from the start and disqualified.  

14. Official languages

The official languages of the Baikal Ice Marathon are Russian and English languages.

15. Final conclusion

15.1. Aimed at providing maximum safety and comfort of the runners during the BIM, the Organizer reserves the right to change time and place, order of the activities/ measures in the BIM.

15.2. The present BIM Statutes and Rules in no way can be regarded as an obligation of the Organizer to approve or confirm any person for participation in the BIM.                      


SPECIAL NOTE: No any film crew, individual cameramen or photographers alike may attend the course of BIM for filming and photography of runners without written permission of the BIM Organizing Committee. Any cameramen/photographers admitted to the BIM ice course for filming/photography should have a BIM badge with BIM stamp and signed by the BIM Race Director, with registered number of the BIM on it.