ICE MARATHON Clean Water Preservation Run

Clean Water Alley continues to steadily grow…

30 / 09 / 2019

“For our world, consumed by egoistic aspiration, it is necessary to review and overcome all divides and antagonistic barriers on our way… To achieve optimistic scenario, of primary importance is the education of younger generation from “child’s pot”. Children should grow with understanding of the holiness of water, value of each water droplet that carries an element of life, contains the mind and memory of entire world...”

On September 24 and Sept. 26  our  Clean Water Alley that stretches along the shore of lake Baikal in the premises of Baikal Biosphere reserve, near Tankhoy, has been joined by 400  trees more , each a meter high, at least.

Over a half of these Alley “novices” appeared this year  thanks to our collaboration with and commitment of  Carl F. Bucherer ( official time keeper and partner of the XV edition of Baikal Ice Marathon “For preservation of clean water”) while the  rest of   cedars, pines ,  firs,  larch trees were planted on behalf of the  BIM organizers and runners of the BIM  15th edition alike as our common contribution to the Alley and Lake Baikal.

On September 26 to commemorate the 50th anniversary year since establishment of the Baikal Biosphere Reserve , the BIM long-standing partner, fifty trees were planted in the Alley by the guests invited to share special celebration program organized by the Baikal Biosphere Reserve on occasion of this Jubilee Year.

We are happy that all the trees planted in the Alley throughout four years survived. Interesting to note is that Siberian pines ( locally called “cedars”) though set  directly on the shore of the lake, also revealed their excellent survival ability. Only three to five cedars have been depressed for a year or so, but are now surviving and will remain there growing. In spite of the huge doubts expressed by know-it-all locals and some experts , the cedars and other tree species of the Clean Water Alley, though exposed to strong winds, continue to successfully grow in full view of Lake Baikal, and this phenomena cannot help but encourage us all to go on... 

Jointly with the Baikal Biopshere we proceed further with implementation of the Clean water Alley initiative. Besides, in the Clean Water Alley every individual- the BIM runner or an accompanying him/her persons , business ventures may plant their   special  Signature “Tree for Sacred Baikal”. We will be soon announcing details and conditions for those who may be willing to have their tree planted in full view of Lake Baikal.

As for the current year, Baikal Signature “Trees  for Sacred Baikal” were pioneered by   two   lush  silver firs ( over  three meters high)  planted on behalf of Maybritt Elizabett Prahl and her  family..

Maybritt  ( Australia) came to Lake Baikal in 2012 after winning a year earlier  gold medal in  national 8-way formation skydiving championship. She took part in the VIII edition of BIM and was first female winner to come to finish of the full marathon and, also, the world fastest woman to complete a marathon on ice ( 2012-2016).  Maybritt wrote then :”.. Not far from the finish line a large bird flew directly towards me and when it was overhead it greeted me with a kind and welcome call, as if to say “you are nearly there” - I will never forget it.. It was an absolute joy and I look forward to returning to Lake Baikal soon.”  

After her encounter with the  Great Baikal on the BIM course she returned back to run  in the 15th  BIM as special guest of the BIM Organizers’ , and  ran again across Lake Baikal to become the “First Lady of Clean Water Alley”. Maybritt was awarded with such  a special rank  for her sincere love for the Lake and significant donation to plant trees. To commemorate this fact a special plague of the First Lady of Clean Water Alley and a special BIM crystal cube were handed over to Maybritt during the 15th BIM finishers’ award ceremony.  


The format for the further development of the “Clear Water Alley” has  been finally designated, The Alley  that begins  from the building of the Visitor & Information center of the Baikal reserve ( the start point of the  BIM since 2014 ) to the mouth of the Bezgolovka River, will in near future proceed upstream this river flowing into Lake Baikal 500 meters from the visitor center. The alley is designated as  environmentally educational site focused on water and tree aspects. Along the Alley  billboard frames will be installed and have quotes written about trees and water by famous people and of various sources. Like the ones on the billboard frame already installed in the Clean Water Alley.  We hope that people , adults and  children likewise, walking through the Clean Water Alley may be enlightened for  better clear understanding of the Mother Earth, the  water and trees.  Just read some of the quotes and citing below thoughtfully and  comprehend the content:

- Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky, we fell them down and turn them into paper, that we may record our emptiness.

-  The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.

-  Trees have always been the most penetrating preachers. Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth.

-  The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

-   When I go past the  woods, which I saved from destruction, or when I hear the hum of my young trees, which I planted with my own hands, I know the climate is a little in my control and that if in a thousand years man is happy, the responsibility for that will in a small way be mine. “

-  You are water, I’m water, we’re all water in different containers, that’s why it’s so  easy to meet, someday we’ll evaporate together.”

-  The memory of life arrived on this earth carried by the soul of water. From this memory, life awoke, the human being emerged...”

-  Water records information, and while circulating throughout the earth distributes information. This water sent from the universe is full of the information of life...”

-  The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.